Our Environmental Commitment


Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuel available and offers a number of advantages over gasoline. In light-duty applications, air exhaust emissions from natural gas vehicles are much lower than those from gasoline-powered vehicles. In addition, smog-producing gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, are reduced by more than 90% and 60%, respectively and carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is reduced by 30-40%. For heavy-duty and medium-duty applications, natural gas engines have demonstrated more than 90% reduction of CO and particulate matter and more than 50% reduction of NOx relative to commercial diesel engines. In many urban areas, motor vehicles are the single largest source of major criteria pollutants. Motor vehicles also emit more than 50% of all hazardous air pollutants, showing the importance of switching to natural gas.
CNG is now largely being considered to be preferred fuel for cars. The shift towards gas fuel for cars rather than fossil fuel for cars is because of the following:
1 Less amount of emissions, i.e., NMHC, PM, CO, SO2 and NOx,
2 Produces less CO2, hence can contribute towards decreasing global

       greenhouse effect,
3 Non-toxic and natural so it doesn't cause breathing problems,
4 Produces less noise in cars because of better mechanical operation

      resulting in decrease in motor repair costs,
5 Car motor can be easily switched on in cold weather, and
6 Burns completely and leaves less sedimentary material behind in vehicle


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